Tradition, innovation and sustainability

Tenuta Ingegna

Our company "Tenuta Ingegna" is immersed in the fertile countryside of Salento, in Porto Cesareo, in an enchanting natural setting, where nature is the absolute protagonist. The estate, owes its name to an ancient water extraction system used by the farmers of the Terra d'Arneo. The "ngegna" was a noria or water wheel moved by force of animals that, thanks to a system of pulleys and buckets, allowed water to be lifted from the wells to irrigate the fields.

Choosing our products means supporting an agriculture that perfectly balances tradition, innovation and respect for natural resources, to offer you excellence within each and every product.


Our oil

Our extra virgin olive oil combines excellence and quality in a blend of selected varieties. The scent of fresh olive is pleasantly persistent. Its golden yellow color, enriched with green highlights, is a tribute to the rich land of Salento.

Harmônia Line

Primitivo, Negroamaro and Rosé

The wines in the Harmônia Wines line represent a masterpiece of dedication, respect for our history and the viticulture of the area.

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